A better way to deliver airline meals

Britemeals easy to use order-to-cash platform (O2C) helps airline caterers reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

The Power of Britemeals Order-to-Cash Platform

Order Entry & Management

See all your orders to be fulfilled in a single view in real time, and keep all departments in sync.

Order Fulfillment & Logistics

Check product availability, confirm orders, get notified of delays in the process, track your orders, and manage scrap and returns.

Order Tracking

Make it transparent, with data and performance visibility in real time all the time along with electronic proof of delivery sent to the right people.

Integrated Communications

Order-to-Cash cycle requires several functions to work in conjunction and communicate in a crystal clear manner over chat, email, and notifications in real time.

Reporting & Analytics

Integrated end-to-end process data to enable the creation of new insights and drive better service.


Generate accurate invoices, integrate with your financial systems, and reduce dispute resolution times.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and disparate legacy IT systems to run your catering business

Better demand planning while keeping all functions in sync.

Do not let anything fall between the cracks any longer.

Frictionless ordering, seamless delivery, right the first time.

Britemeals enables digital processes with a modular infrastructure and applications that seamlessly facilitates exchanges between the caterer and the airlines.

48H, 24H, Top-ups catering orders
Meal lists for picking and packing
Shipping & delivery notifications

See and communicate what is happening in real time

Britemeals is a flexible and robust information system for anyone involved. It combines web information, email, instant messaging, and kitchen displays.

Flight orders and meals view in real time
Alerts and notifications of changes
Overview of all the flight order status

Benefits of Britemeals

Britemeals order-to-cash platform eliminates manual steps and provides transparency, with data and performance visible in real time all the time.

Cost savings

15% to 30% cost savings with a reduction in order processing time, inbound calls, drop in back-office effort, and fewer penalties for late or incomplete fulfilment of orders.

Shorter day sales outstanding

Thanks to order history trails, and digital proof of delivery, fewer disputes that need resolution.

Boost in customer satisfaction

Greater process transparency, simplified order experience, and real-time complaint resolution.