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Frequently Asked Questions

Do not hesitate to ask us anything!

Does Britemeals offers free trials?

Yes, sometimes. Should you want to give Britemeals a shot, we would be happy to organize a custom free trial for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

How many users can I invite to my account?

As many as you require. Britemeals does not cap the number of users.

How difficult is it to start using Britemeals?

It's very easy! We help you set up your data, and train your team.The process usually takes no more than 2 weeks depending on the complexity of your products and your process.

Do you offer on-premise solutions

Yes, we can deploy Britemeals on premise should it be your requirement. Note though that there might be an extra cost to you to cover our additional management oversight and ongoing features deployment process.

Do I need to sign a long term contract?

No. Britemeals offers a monthly plan. You will get a 20% discount for a yearly plan though.